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We Are Createam

Createam is the perfect video creating solution for the 21st century education system


We bring the video revolution into the heart of the education system.

students can study through creating films with our unique app, specially tailored for schools.


דף הבית
Why Createam
Films replace exams and you earn all the benefits

For Teachers


Speak the language your students use


Develop teamwork skills

Filmmaking is all about team challenge

Stay in Control

Set your students free,

But keep the process under control


The educational work made at class

Can now be shared outside of school

For Students

So Simple, So Convenient

Your smartphone turns into your study tool

Work with Friends

Real Teamwork in the Classroom

Be Creative

Your Imagination improves your grades

Spread out the Word

Share your creations with the world

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the Educational

Video Revolution

Createam is officially recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education

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